The X-Alps / Day Thirteen

Officially the race was still going on. We hadn’t pulled out, but Dave didn’t press on anymore. Being true to him and what he stands for, he decided to finish the course no matter what, but in his own time.

I had enough. I wasn’t bound anymore, so I agreed on bringing all his gear to the Ozone R&D HQ north of Nice, while he would go on with his solo mission. Also this would give me the chance of attending the after race party in Monaco.

The party was a great success. The polish team took first place in being the best ultra party animals, we lost a supporter of Honzas Team in Monaco and my bunk in my car got squatted by another passed out American.


Dave finished safely on the coast a couple of days later, happy and done.

He made it! 


The X-Alps. One of the best things ever.


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