Preparations and fears

When you plan and prepare for an adventure, it’s possible that you can get very obsessed with details. Planning a long solo vol-bivouac took much more of my time than I imagined.

I spend hours on the Internet and Google Earth trying to find cruxes, the best flying lines, towns or possible nomad camps, rivers for water supplies, takeoffs, landings or no landing zones, lakes for fishing and what sort of fish live in those particular lakes, hiking trails and yeti dwellings. You can get sidetracked easily for hours by getting into extreme details. But don’t get me wrong, for the most part the information you get out of the research won’t be useless.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 14.17.07
Friend or foe? Is that a gun? I’m flipping out…

Just by chance, I would read a sidenote of some bikers blog having huge troubles at a certain border crossing, that would be a complete gamechanger in my route planning and I’d completely overthrow certain plans.

some border crossings shouldn’t be crossed

I’d freak out about an account of a cyclist’s experience with wolves on my proposed route and started having nightmares about red glowing eyes in the dark, howls out of an abyss riddled with blood stained teeth, pictures of me quietly weeping of fear in my flimsy tent, while gripping my lightweight swiss army knife, that could maybe hurt an ant.

what works better to kill yetis, this…
…or this.

I’d see me, the infidel, on some youtube channel, kneeling in front of a black flag while Mr. The Butcher explains calmly to the camera, wielding his huge knife, why my head should be hanging off his trophy wall, only because I did read some statistics founded by some paranoid self-preserving government how fundamentalism is growing in their region.

Trying to find proper historical weather data for certain regions can be an issue but of great importance. I had to abolish some ideas of flying in certain parts as I watched some trekkers youtube video of his campsite, getting pounded by a horrendous valley wind that flattens large pine trees. The idea of landing there in the middle of the day would leave me sleepless in my bed, covered in cold sweat.

strong winds are great for record breaking distances dot dot dot dot dot

And the equipment. Wow. Hours of making excel sheets, comparing weight, size, price, user ratings, calories…

Eventually, shortly before I’d leave Switzerland, every questions and every detail had been asked and chewed thoroughly over and over. I had all my equipment ready, but some was still untested and remained useful only in theory. There was so much time spend on the computer and about the theoretical part of the journey, that it left little time to try out things in the air.

Now came the final test. Will it all fit in the backpack.

Ok. I’m panicking.

Slowly I start to carefully pack all m belongings into my Kortel Backpack and ten minutes later…

No way…

Here is the link to my gear list.


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