Gear list for my Vol Biv in Central Asia

This is my gear list for my solo adventure in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in summer 2016. Without water the backpack is moving around 19 kg on the scale.


Paragliding Gear

– Ozone Alpina 2. Still my all time favourite paraglider. Light, safe, agile and sniffs out thermals better than I do and I spent hundreds of hours underneath this wing.

– Kortel Kolibri. Probably the best vol biv harness out there for really long adventures. The storage room can’t be beaten and the additional safety of the airbag is a huge plus.

– Kortel Kolibri Backpack. Superlight and extremely well thought through. You can fit your family in there.

– Independence Ultra Cross 100. 975 grams for a reserve, couldn’t find anything lighter.

– Petzl Meteor III Helmet. Looks dumb but protects me from meteors.


– Delorme InReach Explorer. The most important piece of equipment. Live Tracking via a personalised website, integrated GPS for navigation, 2 way communication. I wouldn’t go on this adventure without it.

– Skyride Vario/Gps. Light.

– GoPro Hero 4 Session. To be used as wingmount and follow cam.

– GoPro Hero 4 Black. Still the best action camera out there.

– Gimbal for the GoPro Hero 4. Shaky paragliding videos are a thing of the past.

– Sony A7 for filming Yetis and taking pictures.

– a small microphone. If you want to film a little serious, you need good sounds.

– my Samsung Smartphone.

– Anker 23W Solar Panels. I’ve got a lot of electronics.

– Anker 20000 man Battery Pack. A LOT of electronics.

– Black Diamond ReVolt Headlight. No need to bring batteries on this trip.

– extra batteries for GoPro’s, Sony A7and Smartphone.


– 2 pair of Icebreaker underwear. My girlfriend won’t be coming with me.

– Icebreaker Longjohns. It gets cold in the Pamir.

– Icebreaker Longsleeve Baselayer. For flying.

– Icebreaker light shirt. For walking. I like the kiwi brand.

– 2 pair of Smartwool Trekking Socks.

– Mammut Eigerjoch Polarfleece. Pricey. But probably the best piece of equipment I’ve ever worn.

– Arcteryx SV Down Jacket. Pricey. Light. Extremely warm. Again, it gets cold out there.

– Mammut Hiking Pants.

– Mammut Trekking Shoes. My girlfriend worked with Mammut if you’re wondering.

– a pair of Soft-shell gloves

– selfmade pair of Handwarmers I’ve made out some down jacket.

– Outdoor Research Balaclava.

– Ozone Cap. Protect your head from the rays, kids!


– MSR Whisperlighter. The thing that burns everything and camping gas can’t be found out there. But crappy diesel can.

– MSR 0.375 l fuel canister.

– some titanium 1.2 l cup.

– 10 days worth of emergency rations. consisting of Trek’n’eat rations, protein powder, shelter emergency rations, Oatmeal bars and whatever the nomads will be giving me.

– lightweight fishing equipment that goes on my walking sticks.

– Platypus Water Canister. 3 l with drink tube and an additional 2 l.

– LifeStraw. Brilliant piece to keep the bugs from entering my intestines.


– Adidas Sunglasses.

– Black Diamond Z Poles. The lightest walking sticks out there.

– Mammut Spectre Sleeping Bag. Down and Mega light.

– MSR Tent Carbon Reflex 1. I don’t like sleeping in my paraglider that much.

– Specked Out Follow cam. For the extra shots.

– Specked Out Wingmount. As above.

– First Aid Kit and meds.

– Passport. Probably a good idea in foreign countries.

– Cash. A good idea anywhere.


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