Vol Biv project Central Asia

Starting July 2016 I will travel to Tajikistan to start a solo vol-biv that will, if successful, take me through the mountains of the Pamir, through the remote Tien Shan rage and end in Bishkek, the capitol of Kyrgyzstan.

Altogether I will attempt to fly and hike unsupported for a 1000 miles through this remote parts of the world.

In the months before I will train and acclimatise in the Indian Himalayas. I will make updates of my training and preparation progress on my Blog page.

My deepest thanks go to my sponsors who make this adventure a reality.

Follow my journey starting 1st of July when I will arrive in Tajikistan on my tracking page:




what is my route and how did I approach my idea: making plans
what did my preparation look like and what fears did I have to overcome: Preparations and fears
my gearlist
Training in Bir, India